Apr. 23rd, 2012

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We have, as a society, generally come to expect the occasional annoyance of double standards when dealing with people personally. However, dealing with double standards in a professional setting is something I still find intolerable. I work at a company that has a fairly diverse ethnic representation. Sometimes this is beneficial, as a multiplicity of perspective or experience has improved some decision making. Most of the time it is of no consequence. And then there are the times when it gives rise to a double standard, and quite often in a way in which it then becomes almost impossible for me (particularly not being a manager, and presumptively having no say in the final decisions) to deal with. The problem for me is not the letting go, it's the "what's next" aspect to this.

The reality of dealing with some (but not all) people from eastern cultures is that there's no forgetting. The entire concept of face involves, at its heart, keeping score. Except it's a game without officials, without written rules, and with inherent double standards. So the only real questions are how much do I just ignore and refuse to play, and how egregious does the behavior have to be for me to ensure it's not just my bias leading me to go to my management to ask that it be stopped?

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