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I had Friday off as a comp day, which I should probably do more timely, as this was for working weekends in April that I could have legitimately claimed 2 days for, but didn't. Live and learn.   I picked up Dan after school and took him down to the NH Coin and Currency Expo.  He runs hot and cold with these things, but seem to genuinely have fun.  It helps that this is the third year they've had it at the Radison, so he was familiar with the place and I'm sure that added significantly to his comfort level.  He picked out some interesting stuff, and didn't shy away from looking outside the junk and clearance boxes this time.  I only had to deny a couple of his selections due to cost.  I sort of didn't have to, but I need to talk with him about the money aspect of it, as I'm not sure how much he gets or not about it.

Today I went to a Book and Paper Expo. I almost don't know where to begin. Dozens of dealers. Thousands of books. It's like Nirvana there, except that I cannot afford 80% of the selections; and no matter how much money I budget for it, the stuff that truly calls to me tends all be $50 - $100 more than that.  So I walked out with 4 books, having spent a total of only sixty bucks: two books on Lincoln, "The Annotated Alice" (which I am very excited to have gotten), and a book to give as a birthday gift next month. 

One of the Lincoln books is an auction preview catalog for the "Bliss Copy" of the Gettysburg address (  When I was in Washington D.C., I picked up at the gift shop at the Lincoln Memorial a copy of "Lincoln legends : myths, hoaxes, and confabulations associated with our greatest president", & one of the chapters was on a forged copy of the Gettysburg Address that was initially thought to be a previously undiscovered copy.  So this is one of those fortuitously timed events that occasionally pops-up in my life just often enough to make it interesting.

Today and tomorrow at the arena in town is the annual cat show. I've taken my youngest daughter (who desperately loves cats, but due to multiple family members' allergies, cannot have one of her own) the last two years in a row, and I'm sure if I called over over to the house now, my Ex would be happy to let me take her tomorrow.  So while I'm on the fence about being at the point of Event Fatigue, I'm gonna cowboy-up, be the good Dad, and text the Ex and ask.  Cause if there's one thing I'm good it, it's dragging my kids around from place to place to have fun.

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