May. 10th, 2012 10:12 pm
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It's Thursday night already. The week is flying by and I've little to show for it, like too many other weeks.  Work, dinner out, laundry and other basic housework.  About half-way through the book I'm reading.  Re-watched "Where the Wild Things Are", which did remind me how difficult it is for me to deal with conflict because the last third of that movie is so damn difficult for me to sit still through--which is good that I was standing and ironing at the time.

I did take Elyssia to the cat show on Sunday, and she enjoyed herself for the hour and change we were there. But, clearly the novelty of the event has worn off, because when she was ready to go, that was it, and we left.   I made the mistake of letting her choose to go Friendly's for lunch. The place has not been the same since they conceded financial difficulties, shuttered several hundred of their restaurants, and changed their menu.  No longer is spaghetti or meatloaf on their menu.  And given how the quality of the food has been dropping, that's probably a good thing.  And it's not that the food was horrible, it wasn't.  But it wasn't much better than OK, and for the price we could and should have gone elsewhere.  But for her, it's all about the experience of it, and she had fun,which I am glad for.

And then on Tuesday, Mr. Sendak passed away.  I was at work when I saw the headlines on the google news page. I immediately started to panic, because my first reaction was to get all misty-eyed, and I didn't at all want to be seen crying at work for any reason, let alone over the passing of someone who was not family, and whom I'd never met. So I had to put it out of my head until I calmed down and could deal with it.  47 years old and I am still overly-emotional, and overly-sentimental over things from my childhood.  And I'm never going to change.
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