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My daughter Samantha has been a blessing, a challenge, a heart-ache, a source of pride, and an on-going surprise.  The last few weeks have not changed that.

She became ill on Christmas eve, and by the following Sunday was so much worse that I took her to the hospital. They kept her until the following Friday. She has a UTI that turned into a double kindey infection. They found e. coli in her urine & staph. in her blood. She was on two different IV antibiotics plus morphine--but only a small amount of that, because she is also 6 months pregnant. It was an intense week.  I believe we got her the care she needed in time, so that neither she nor the baby were in mortal danger for more than Sunday night. but it was still a long week.  Thursday they gave her an IV midline in her upper arm that she was sent home with (with me!), and we spent the entire folllowing week injecting antibiotics into it 3 times a day.

She got the midline out today and is on oral meds for another week.  She will be staying with me at least through Wednesday. I told her yesterday it has been nice to be able to be her Dad one last time. As much as i want for her to get better, i also don't want this to end.

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