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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:New Hampshire, United States of America
Website:my tumblr

just another random soul

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards" -- The Red Queen

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You are Python You are slower than others, but easier to understand. You are a minimalist, who doesn"t like clutter.
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1965, abe lincoln, aesthetics, alicia witt, alliteration, alone, analogy, annie lennox, anthropology, asimov, astronomy, black, books, boston, brazil, buffy, calvin and hobbes, cats, celtic, chance, chocolate, coffee, coins, colossal caves, comic books, complexity, computers, cunning linguists, cynicism, dead can dance, death, depeche mode, depression, douglas adams, dreams, driving, dropkick murphys, elp, etymology, faith, fate, firefly, flying, football, forgiveness, friends, getting mail, goth, grape jelly, guinness, heineken, history, holding hands, honesty, hot showers, imagination, improving, intelligence, introspection, jethro tull, kant, kids, kierkegaard, kissing, knights of the air, learning things, libraries, licorice, linux, listening, logic, long hair, long rambling conversations, love, misfits, monty python, movies, music, nathanael greene, new hampshire, nice boots, nice eyes, night, nina gordon, numismatics, paintball, passion, peanut butter, peanut m&ms, philosophy, physics, pink floyd, playing with hair, poetry, procrastination, programming, quiet, quotes, rammstein, random, randomness, reading, renaissance faires, rogue, roxy music, rush, rye toast, sarcasm, science fiction, serenity, seven nations, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, silence, simple things, sixth sense,, sleeping, spinoza, star trek, stars, staying up late, stillness, talking to myself, tchaikovsky, the beatles, the cure, the matrix, the moon, the muppet show, thinking, tolkien, tori amos, tron, umberto eco, unix, unrequited love, used book stores, vikings, warm eyes, willy wonka, winona ryder, xyzzy, ├Žon flux
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